Two for the Price of One

Richard Roeper introduced me to the concept of “X for the price of One” columns, so I decided to do a catch-all post, as there are a couple of smaller but noteworthy things going on in the world of Ex Libris Larsen.

Number 1: The new issue of Horrotica went up tonight.  A lot of creativity went into that of the envelope-pushing variety, including a nasty little nugget of mine called “Ethyl’s Alcohol“.  One of my, oh, three nastiest.  If you are squeamish about sex or violence, this one isn’t for you.

Number 2: How about the new look of  the website?  That’s my wife that did that, y’all.  The site (like all sites) is a work in progress, but I think it looks a lot more “established” now with her artistic tweaks.  That background, by the way (the one that looks like a tombstone)?  It’s a tree from our vacation.  What kind of meaning can you make out of that?  Best to not overthink it.

3 Responses to “Two for the Price of One”

  1. Barney Rubble Says:

    I’m sure your stories are fantastic…I’d read them if I could understand more than very basic english

  2. It was a pleasure…and I’d do it again.

    Did it have to be a tree? No, but then art and beauty can be found in anything if you’re willing to look for it…so why not?

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