Happy Independence Day, America!

About a year ago, I wrote a short story called “The Plagiarist’s Wireless” about the disappearance of a fictional 60s/70s rock band called “Wolves n’ Sparrows”.  It was inspired by my overriding love of two bands: Steppenwolf and Guns n’ Roses.  Fans of those bands will readily recognize them in the story, but it is by no means a true story.  That becomes relatively obvious as one reads it, but the factual elements are limited, and I am legally disclaiming any knowledge or supposition that anyone in those bands are plagiarists.

“The Plagiarist’s Wireless” was published in January by Golden Visions Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.  I would have linked the story here, but it was only published in print and I can’t find a link to purchase back issues.  If and when it is published online there or anywhere else, I will post itUPDATE: “The Plagiarist’s Wireless has been republished in FORTUNE: LOST AND FOUND (Omnium Gatherum) available at Amazon.com.

Guns n’ Roses is pretty well covered and documented, but Steppenwolf (“Born to be Wild”, “Magic Carpet Ride”) is not, and there is an extreme shortage of videos available on YouTube.com.  So I found a partial live performance of “Monster” and additional b-roll from a 1970 concert at Randall’s Island and made a video myself.  Here’s the tie-in: Monster is a proto prog rock song about how we have to be actively commited to our uniquely American ideals to keep America great.  And here is the video:

So, happy birthday, America.  You are awesome.

3 Responses to “Happy Independence Day, America!”

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  3. Hello Lars –

    Enjoyed your video and posted it on my FB page. I was looking for a version of “Monster” that would reflect my present disgust/concern/anguish for a country I love.

    More recent news footage would have been useful. You’ve chosen footage to reflect the time of the song’s release, but America’s persistent behavior overseas and at home show us all that this song is timeless.

    Thanks for your work. Would love to read the short story.


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