Bloody Betty available at TK’n’C

A few months ago, I wrote an updated version of the Elizabeth Bathory story called “Bloody Betty”, and it delivers what it promises, buckets o’ blood (in addition to some fairly graphic sexuality). Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers published it today for your reading pleasure (or reading revulsion). Click here at your own risk.

If that kind of story is your speed, then be sure to read “Ethyl’s Alcohol” and “The Last Reflection of the Marionette Man“. I think of the three of them as my Splatterpunk Trilogy, but officially calling them that would kinda prevent me from writing more, which I suppose would make my mom happy (hi, mom!).

If you’re skeeved out by this kind of story, then I apologize. Please know that I can do subtle, too, which you can see for yourself by clicking on any one of the other stories in the panel on the right side of your screen. I would personally recommend “Cadwalader’s Camera“, “The Damned Retirement of Rodger Cloots“, “A Factor of ‘X’“, or “Human Footprints of the Red Planet“.

Happy reading, faithful supporters, and thank you!

2 Responses to “Bloody Betty available at TK’n’C”

  1. Aslan's Frau Says:

    Your mom probably would be happier if you didn’t write anymore stuff like that. She probably needs to start a support group with Stephen King’s mom. I wonder how she felt when he published “It.”

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