“Bast” in this month’s issue of THE HORROR ZINE

If you’ve been counting the pennies in the mason jar under your front porch, waiting for the moment you have the $4.99 to buy the Kindle edition of WHAT FEARS BECOME: AN ANTHOLOGY FROM THE HORROR ZINE, I can help you (without charging a high interest loan). You can read the first six stories (including my story, “Bast”) for free at Smashwords. You can also read “Bast” in the September issue of The Horror Zine.

The September issue of The Horror Zine includes:

On the Home Page:

  • Ramsey Campbell
  • Joe R. Lansdale
  • Ronald Malfi

On the Special Page:

  • John Gilmore

In Fiction:

  • Ramsey Campbell
  • Christian A. Larsen
  • Rachel Coles
  • K. A. Opperman
  • Paul Edwards

In Poetry:

  • Norbert Hirschhorn
  • Juan Perez
  • Joseph Danoski

In Art:

  • Ryan Doan
  • Paula McDonald
  • Carissa Stevens

On the News Page:

  • Ronald Malfi
  • Joe R. Lansdale
  • Terry Grimwood

Enjoy! And all without the 30% vig. You’re welcome.

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