“The Disease of Perception” published by Diagonal Proof

Ever since I read Robert Heinlein’s “They,” I wondered about how people viewed perception, and how we (the sane, ostensibly) viewed the mentally disturbed. While my new story, “The Disease of Perception” is by many degrees different than Heinlein’s, it does deal with how we understand reality, and offers up a theory about sanity/insanity that isn’t chemical or biological, but physical.

Diagonal Proof  published this story in their August issue, which (oddly–or perhaps not so oddly, depending on how you view reality) was published today, September 7.  The issue is packed with terrific fiction (and not all of the speculative variety). Here’s a rundown:

  • A Distant Dialogue by Eric V. Neagu
  • The Disease Of Perception by Christian A. Larsen
  • Limbo, Maybe by Peter McArdle
  • In Memory Of The Whippoorwill by Jacob Peppers
  • Heart Of The Heartless by David A. DiPesa
  • Scotty Ronson, P.I. by Beau Johnson
  • His New Phone by Howard Mosley-Chalk
  • Unfortunate Excuses by Eric V. Neagu
  • The Bus Stop Dreaming by Anna Eggemeyer
  • Take The Second Left On Your Right by Michael C. Keith
  • The Waves by Patrick Blackden
  • Our Illuminated Era by Maxwell Jameson

Some good reading there, and it won’t cost you nothin’…

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