Midnight Screaming to press “Ice Reduces Swelling”

I just got the notification this evening that Midnight Screaming has accepted a short story I wrote last summer called “Ice Reduces Swelling.” It’s my own little dystopian take on how some people might choose to solve the unemployment problem. Of course, as the road to hell is paved with good intentions, you have unexpected consequences and all that good stuff. All I’ve been told so far is it will be in an upcoming issue. Their next issues come out in October and January, so we’ll see (or I’ll see, and I’ll keep you posted)…

As a reader, I genuniely hope you enjoy the magazine. As a writer, I know I do. Get a load of this “who we are” explanation:

Midnight Screaming happens when you get a great new idea for a story, you sit down to write and type a few words. You think for a bit, type a few words, think for a bit, and then suddenly it’s midnight and you only have a paragraph or, when the next issue needs to be printed tomorrow, but you’re still trying to format it at midnight. It is the same sort of feeling you get when the laptop you thought you loved crashes and all of your files are lost in the black hole of digital evil.

That bit of misfortune has never happened to me, but stuff like it has (of course). And in explaining it to their readers and writers that way tells me that this is a magazine that gets it (plus … they accepted my story, which is also an excellent litmus test, right?).

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