Forecaster says: quiet summer makes for busy fall

When it rains, it pours. After a few acceptances rolled in over the summer, I’ve already had several this week.  On top of that, my short story “Barycenter” was just published by The Cynic Online Magazine. The title of the magazine is enough to make me love it, but the stories will grab you, too. Current features include:

  • Modern Love v 2.01 by Henry J Rozycki
  • Want Real Solutions? Stop Electing Idiots by Ross Rosenfeld
  • The Proposal by Daniel K Gilbert
  • The O & D by Jass Richards
  • No Such Thing by Susan Breeden
  • Rusty Metal and Grass by Arun Durvasula
  • The Great Zelito Flea Circus by Bill Crocker
  • A Little Slice of Heaven by Scott Mainprize

If you’re looking for the common thread with all these pieces (and mine), here’s the magazine’s editorial statement:

It’s about perserverence and having a voice and giving a place, a voice for others. It’s about making it in a world that’s against you and no matter how much you feel like you’re standing still, taking a punch in the mouth and standing tall. It’s about thought, both silly and serious, and it’s definitely about pushing all the wrong buttons. And it’s about art and fun and getting out of the mainstream, while keeping a toe in the brook.

So, if you click on the link to my story, click on a few others, too. You’re bound to enjoy…

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