His Splintery Smile in upcoming Fear and Trembling

My brother and I were given a set of ventriloquist dolls when I was young. Mine was W.C. Fields and his was Charlie McCarthy. Not long afterward, I saw the Twilight Zone episode “The Dummy.” It didn’t take me long to see a strong similarity between the Willie in the episode and my brother’s Charlie McCarthy. I vividly remember hanging ol’ Charlie in a noose so he would strangle himself if he ever came to life, but it wasn’t enough and I used to wake up suffering the hysterical after effects of night terrors. Last I saw of either dummy, my dad was throwing them into the driveway in a garbage bag. They were re-gifted shortly thereafter, though what became of their new owners, I don’t know.

Willie from the Twilight Zone

Willie from the Twilight Zone

I finally wrote a pseudo biographical short story called “His Splintery Smile” which is equal parts my experience as a kid and an unofficial sequel to “The Dummy”. Fans of the Twilight Zone will recognize that Willie’s hair was fluffy in the episode, and in my story, it’s wooden, but there was a reason for that which becomes apparent the further you read my tale. And the good news is, you’ll soon be able to read it in Fear and Trembling Magazine. I’ll let you know when I have a publication date.

4 Responses to “His Splintery Smile in upcoming Fear and Trembling”

  1. Cool idea, did you use duotrope or ralan? I wrote few stories myself 🙂 It takes time but it is worth it!

  2. I’m a Duotrope guy.

  3. Times are changing for the better if I can get this online!

  4. Terry Fator DVD…

    […]His Splintery Smile in upcoming Fear and Trembling « exlibrislarsen[…]…

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