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What do reader’s fears become when they’re examined? Top-notch tales, poems, and images will horrify and delight readers in this anthology called What Fears Become.  Each feature rips through reality plunging readers into frightful situations deep enough to provoke a bag full of nightmares.  It is unlikely readers will set aside a single whisper-read word.  Like stepping onto a monstrous scene, their wide eyes can’t look away.  Thirty-one finely honed eager narratives, eighteen delicious poems, and eighteen visions touch all who dare venture inside.

The foreword is by Simon Clark, and he has nothing but positive comments about What Fears Become.  He titles this foreword, “A Small Matter of Life and Death.”

Besides penning horror fiction, the authors in this book are teachers, radio personalities, newspaper reporters, editors, gardeners, musicians, poets, reality TV contestants, aides at mental hospitals, technical writers, volunteers, graphic designers, inventory clerks, writers of chapter units for history textbooks, receivers of prestigious awards, founders of martial art systems and have had films produced from novels.

The collection opens with “Bast,” by Christian A. Larsen, which is about a man who visits his dying grandmother. Can cats really take one’s breath away? Marty finds out in this eerie yarn.  Descriptive.

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3 Responses to “ reviews WHAT FEARS BECOME”

  1. Angelique Says:

    Thanks for using the time and effort to write something so interesting.

  2. If you’re referring to the review, thank Ms. Kennison. If you’re referring to “Bast” in WHAT FEARS BECOME, then thank you!

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