Midnight Screaming releases “Ice Reduces Swelling”

Faithful readers, back in September, I announced that Midnight Screaming had agreed to publish “Ice Reduces Swelling,” my dystopian take on the unemployment problem. Well, it’s been published in Volume 3, Issue 4 along with the following stories:

  • “Maters” by Alexander S. Brown
  • “What Jim’s Short Note Could Not Say” by Walter Flaschka
  • “Going My Way” by Kiddman Lloyd Teller
  • “Grandpa’s Clothes” by Sandra Rose Hughes
  • “Father” by Kelsey D Garmendia
  • “Hunted” by H C Playa

And Ellen Gamber designed the wickedly cool cover of the issue:

2 Responses to “Midnight Screaming releases “Ice Reduces Swelling””

  1. You never can tell what ramifications your “solution” will have…I enjoyed the bittersweet too-lateness of it all.

  2. I really enjoyed “Ice Reduces Swelling,” when I got my copy of Midnight Screaming. It caught my attention immediately and I can even say the story has been flitting through my mind for the past few weeks. Extremely well done.

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