“The Mettle of the South” to be published by Hall Bros. Entertainment

Nothing beats waking up on a Monday morning and finding out you had a story accepted (except maybe a snow day). This is especially true after  a crushing rejection over the weekend. This is what a fellow writer told me about my setback:  “Sorry about the rejection. That is part of the writing deal, though. But perhaps there is a rose around your corner yet.” Yep, and here it is.

Hall Brothers Entertainment has accepted my alternate history short story, “The Mettle of the South” to be published in their upcoming anthology, Untold Tales of the Past. The book will be published in 2012 on their site in e-reader and PDF formats, as well as the traditional ink-and-paper for you traditionalists out there (like me). I haven’t gotten a look at the table of contents, but I know they’re including a wide variety of fiction, open to a number of genres. Mine, of course, is of the speculative variety–a steampunk scheme by the fathers of a Southern town to take a compromise from the North and use it against them just before the outbreak of the Civil War. Emphasis on steampunk.

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