Hellnotes review for WHAT FEARS BECOME

Hellnotes, a website (maybe I should write “the website”) ahem, “dedicated to bringing you the best information on the Internet covering horror movies, horror fiction, horror comics, horror writers, and more,” has published a favorable review of What Fears Become, courtesy of Sheila M. Merritt:

Jeani Rector is quite a gal. The smart and savvy editor of the online magazine The Horror Zine has compiled another fine collection with What Fears Become: An Anthology From the Horror Zine. As in Twice the Terror, which received a very positive critique from this reviewer, the editor has selected short stories, poetry, and artwork that are exemplary. The contributors range from well-known, seasoned writers to those who are…

Read the rest of the review here.

2 Responses to “Hellnotes review for WHAT FEARS BECOME”

  1. Aslan's Frau Says:

    Way to go Chris–the first lesser known scribe called out in this review

  2. I think that’s a function of being first in the table of contents, but it is nice to be kudoed, if that’s a word.

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