“Walking Away” to drop the first week of January

If you’ve ever felt trapped by the expectations of people around you, you’ll understand “Walking Away,” which will be published by Midwestern Gothic the first week of January. Its their biggest issue yet, as you can plainly see by the table of contents:

  • When We Run Away We Will Eat Red Velvet Cake With Our Hands — Dawn West
  • The Spider on the Wall — Abby Norwood
  • Soiree (II) — Kristina Marie Darling
  • Lights in the Sky — Denise Dirks
  • Badlands — David LaBounty
  • A Man Tries not to Die — David James
  • At the Edge of a Time Zone — Jane Hoogestraat
  • The Scholar from Inner Mongolia Visits Missouri — Jane Hoogestraat
  • The Last Tannery in America — Christi Clancy
  • All You Can Eat — Jamey Davidsmeyer
  • Dear Mr. Saarinen — Jennifer Tappenden
  • Why I Grabbed the Tire Iron — Casey Frances
  • Inheritance — Scott Carpenter
  • The Scene of — Nancy Reddy
  • Trailing Amber — Tom Weller
  • Sister — Leah Sewell
  • Good Will — Katie Longofono
  • Split — Katie Longofono
  • Acknowledgement: to GG — Abbie Amadio
  • Walking Away — Christian A. Larsen
  • Fence — Christopher Linforth
  • Black Stallion — Joan Colby
  • Feud — Joan Colby
  • Rend — Danilo Thomoas
  • Home — Erin O’Sullivan
  • The Bones of Blue Whales — Jason Ryberg
  • Tavern Bluff — Kevin Weidner
  • Hammerschlagen — Thomas Cannon
  • January 31st, 1955 — Benjamin Cartwright
  • [Unlabeled 1] — Benjamin Cartwright
  • The Boat Ride — Christopher Urban
  • Propane — Nick G. Lancaster
  • A Day in Light — Rob Kenagy
  • I Before E Except in Budweiser — Rob Kenagy
  • Lakeshore Mobile Estates — Rob Kenagy
  • Letter from a Welder’s Son, Unsent — Joe Kapitan
  • First Love in Three Gerunds — Kendall Walker
  • The Building — Sarah Carson
  • A Relief Map of Wisconsin, 1966 — Jeff Esterholm

I will post purchase cost and availability details as soon as I have them, but I am told you can choose PDF, Kindle or hardcopy when it goes on sale.

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  1. I feel satisifed after reading that one.

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