“Bast” needs your help!

My short story, “Bast,” is in the running for the Preditors & Editors™ short story of the year award for horror. I am up against some stiff competition and need your help. Please visit here to vote before polling closes on Tuesday.

“Bast” is the second story on the ballot. Please click the bubble and scroll to the bottom of your screen. (You may also leave an editorial comment, but its not necessary.)

Your name and email address are required to vote, but they will be kept strictly confidential and not used for mailing lists, etc. This information is simply to discourage ballot-stuffing.

Then type the two word “captcha” in the red box at the bottom of the page.

An email to finalize your vote will be sent to you when you submit the form. Please add predpoll_noreply@critique.org to your approved senders list to receive the email.

Do not send email to this address; it is not read. You may only vote once in each category; a subsequent vote in the same category will override your prior vote.

There are many worthy stories on this year’s Preditors & Editors™ horror ballot. It would be an honor to win in this category and if you think that “Bast”  is deserving, I would appreciate your support!

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