“Clawed Sod” coming to an ezine near you–if you’re near a computer

I wrote a story a couple of years ago that I really love called “Clawed Sod.” I mean, I really love this story, and it was rejected fourteen times. After a while submitting it was like lining up to get my nuts kicked. Fourteen times. Say that to yourself the way Principal Rooney might in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

But it was accepted today, and will be appearing in an ezine and subsequent e-book and paper anthology with some very big names. Can’t divulge more at this point, but will let you know the where, the when and the how as soon as those details are screwed down.

3 Responses to ““Clawed Sod” coming to an ezine near you–if you’re near a computer”

  1. Congrats! That’s persistence and a nice payoff.

  2. Aslan's Frau Says:

    Congratulations on the success for Clawed Sod. Sounds like the Stephen King’s Carrie–except I think that one was rejected 38 times.

  3. Noelle Barton Says:

    I love your free fiction. Will this be in a free venue or will I have to take out that mortgage loan to buy a copy. (I’m not in a good position financially, so I hope it’s free, I don’t think I would qualify for that loan!)

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