This haunted clock could kill you…

Rainstorm Press has accepted my short story, “The Gloaming Hour,” for publication in its upcoming anthology, No Rest For the Wicked, tentatively scheduled for release in May 2012. What kinds of stories will be included? Here is the editorial statement: “Think that watch was such a great bargain on eBay? Think again, Sparky. Some items have a history and we want to hear the gory details of what happened after a haunted object enters the picture.”

My story is an embellishment of a family legend in which my great-great-grandfather said that after he died, he would find a way to let his loved ones know there was something on the other side of the veil. When he did ultimately pass, his cuckoo clock stopped working, and no clockmaker could figure out why. There was no physical reason for it. Now, if you think I’ve just given away the store, I haven’t. The tale that I’ve come up with is considerably darker than my actual family legend, and it will be available later this year in print and as an ebook.

One Response to “This haunted clock could kill you…”

  1. Your Auntie Em would be proud!

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