“Sermons of the Refuter” to be published by Schlock Magazine

Schlock Magazine has agreed to publish “Sermons of the Refuter,” a short story about the discovery of Simon Magus’s heretical writing. Simon Magus was an early Christian figure who was accused of heresy and later lent his name to the crime of simony, or paying for a position within the early church–a crime of which he was accused in the Book of Acts.

The actual Sermons of the Refuter is a lost work, but what if it was found? What if Simon Magus had the chance to give his side of the story? My story, “Sermons of the Refuter” explores what might happen, assuming that he was indeed the sorcerer that he was acknowledged to be in the Book of Acts.

“Sermons of the Refuter” will appear for free online consumption in the March 2012 issue of Schlock, a quarterly anthology featuring short and serialized fiction, illustration and photography. And here they are in their own words:

“What is Schlock? Schlock is all types of speculative fiction. It’s science fiction, fantasy, and horror with a pulpy edge. It’s trash, treasures, ghosts, gore, literature, Lovecraft, sex, space, weird, wonderful, and fantastic. We don’t shy away from subject-matter that other magazines cringe at, but it has to pique the imagination.”

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