Dread Central reviews WHAT FEARS BECOME

Reviewed by Mr. Dark
February 6th, 2012

We’re at an odd time for the art of print. Writers, poets, and artists are having a very hard time mass marketing their work, as the world moves towards digital-only publishing and the death of print. Publishers are going out of business, bookstores are shrinking, the entire industry is facing the gloom that the music industry faced not so many years ago when digital trumped physical.

More and more, print artists are turning to the web to reach the masses. Just like musicians before them, they find that releasing their work for free or donations on the web will get their names out there far better than traditional means such as agents and manuscripts.

With What Fears Become, we have the reverse: a website dedicated to print art actually publishing a hard copy of the finest of their work. The Horror Zine is a UK-based site featuring poetry, art, and fiction from artists all over the world. Chief editor Jeani Rector has collected these into a volume published by a small Canadian independent publisher, Imajin Books. I’m happy to say…

Read the rest of the review here.

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