Pick up SPARKS at Amazon today!

Read my new flash fiction, “What the Moon Saw” in Sparks: Exciting New Fantasy from Today’s Brightest Stars (Earthbound Fiction), now available at Amazon.com for just $2.99 and at no cost whatsoever to Amazon Prime members. “What the Moon Saw” is a story about a kid who wants to solve his bully problem by turning himself into a werewolf.

Here are some early reader reviews:

I must admit that I normally don’t read compliations such as this, I usually tend to prefer a novel or fantasy series for my evening read. That said, this was a refreshing change from my usual pick and I tore through it. I found it fun, fantastical and exhilerating, I put it on my Kindle Fire and Iphone to re-read it when I fly. If I were to sum it up in one word it would be “Excellentness” knowing that is not a word, I will suffice to say “excellent” and hope that you get the picture.


I thought this book had a wide range of different styles, which I like. The stories were all different and unique, and were refreshingly creative. Some of the stories were shorter and more like flash fiction, but since I read it when I had a few minutes to spare during the day it worked out great. I had several favorites, like the one about shape shifters and the one about the selkie. ( Hope I spelled that right) All in all it was well worth the money, and provided me with a great read.


Sparks was a nice little departure from reality for me, and the story lengths were good for a quick read on my breaks. I liked most of the stories in the book, they were well written and different from what you might regularly find. I also liked being able to read it on my kindle, I’m a bit of a techie and prefer not to buy the printed version when I can download it faster and easier to my kindle. I enjoyed this book, and I would suggest it to people looking for good fantasy short stories.


Here’s what Amazon has to say about Sparks: Exciting New Fantasy From Today’s Brightest Stars:

The combined talents of today’s hottest new fantasy writers are now on display in one incredible collection. These stories will transport you to a world of spellbinding fantasy, adventure, humor and heartbreak – where the wondrous and what-if are common fare and myths and fables of old are alive and well.

These glittering tales of the strange and fantastic are the perfect length for our busy modern lives. Let your mind be enveloped in the warm glow of the truly original, but be careful – you never know what might ignite when you play with Sparks. 

Click the image below for more information.

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