It’s a Leap Day Miracle! Thank you Leap Day William.

Once every four years, on February 29, Leap Day William swims out of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean and trades candy for children’s tears. And he certainly has this year. Thanks to Leap Day William (and you, of course), the shortest month of the year has also been the busiest month ever at That makes this the third month in a row for record traffic. I’ve had my busiest day and my highest daily average this month, too (the latter kind of goes without saying).

So thank you, web visitor, and remember that today is a day to don your festive blue and yellow (lest you be poked in the eye and have your hair pulled), and if you’re near Boston, their Leap Day ice maze is a can’t miss attraction. (Yankees suck!) Also, don’t forget the Leap Dave Williams marathon on the USA Network. Jim Carrey and Andie MacDowell are at their best in this festive holiday pageant.

Today is the day to have some Leap Day fun. Real life is for March!

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