West Pigeon Press Anthology details

Perpetual youth has its price.

My story, “724,” will be appearing alongside a dozen other authors in the upcoming dark fiction anthology from West Pigeon Press. (And yes, that makes 13 stories–a very unlucky number unless you’re talking about dark fiction.)

It will not simply be an amalgam of clever fiction which relies on twist endings to make the stories worthwhile. While there may be unexpected endings, the editor promises the anthology will linger long after you’ve set it down and turned off the lights. I hope you find that’s the case for not just “724,” but for all thirteen stories.

I have not seen the table of contents or read any of the other contributions beyond my own, but I do know the anthology will feature genre fiction, though it will not necessarily be limited to horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. As the editor has said, there may even be fiction with no fantastical elements whatsoever.

“724,” however, does have fantastical elements. It has to do with the aging process and is definitely NOT about the fountain of youth. Sci-fi? Maybe. Fantasy? Probably. Dark fiction. Oh, most certainly.

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