“The Rights of the Infected” has the luck of the Irish!

Read my short story, “The Rights of the Infected,” when Thadd Presley Presents: Murder goes on sale at Amazon.com this Saturday in both digital and paper formats. Check your calendar. This Saturday is March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day–it’s not just for, ahem, parades (?) any more!

St. Patrick’s Day is now for murder, too. Thadd Presley Presents: Murder features twenty-three tales of murder and mayhem, some with fantastical or science-fiction bents, and some with terror as straight as a razor. My tale, “The Rights of the Infected,” puts a new perspective on what a zombie virus could really do, not to people running from a horde, but to a person running away from people.

Thadd Presley Presents: Murder was edited by Weston Kincade and the cover (see below) was designed by Simon Critchell.

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