Read “The Dying Drones” in Ray Gun Revival @rgrzine

Look for my short story, “The Dying Drones,” in Ray Gun Revival. Not right now. It’s just been accepted and will be published later. This is pretty cool for me. Ray Gun Revival is, in its own words, “all about space opera and golden age science fiction.” And I love me some golden age science fiction. Got the bug bad when I discovered the last of the great old time radio shows, X Minus One.

Here’s more from the Ray Gun editorial staff:

Ray Gun Revival (RGR) publishes four original short stories each month of up to 4,000 words each. RGR also features compelling book reviews, occasional movie reviews, our own columns related to the genre, and, as always, some of the best cover art in the business by artists from all over the world.

The cover art is really good, too.

“The Dying Drones” hearkens back to the wonder and supposition that writers conjured before humankind first ventured into space. For them, there was a real fear of sinking into the moon, quicksand-style. For us, what happens when we venture out to the far reaches of our solar system? Might there be something we haven’t taken into account? Something on which our very survival depends? Find out what humanity encounters in the outer rim of our very own solar system in “The Dying Drones,” coming soon to Ray Gun Revival.

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