Another one for the fire #NOTLD

Disappointed there won’t be more The Walking Dead episodes until October? Here’s some more undead goodness to look forward to. Read my short story, “Son of Anubis,” in the upcoming zombie-themed ebook anthology, Zombies Gone Wild (Vol. 2) due later this year from Collaboration of the Dead. The title of my story is an homage to Night of the Living Dead’s original title, Night of Anubis.

Both volumes of Zombies Gone Wild will contain dark, disturbing, suspensful, supernatural, gruesome, and gory stories about the dead shambling back to life. You will see the craziest, wackiest, most out-there living dead stories imaginable–think Dead Alive, Cemetery Man, Undead, Versus, Re-Animator, Evil Dead, the Return of the Living Dead franchise, and Planet Terror.

Each story will be a self-contained nugget you can read before bed, and then leave the lights on while you try to sleep. Tight. Exciting. Action-packed. You’ll get them all with Zombies Gone Wild, and you’ll have them in time to use them as stocking stuffers.

Details to come.

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