Read “The Talent’s in the Bones” in THE GHOST IS THE MACHINE #horror #shortstories @joe_hill @PMPressBooks

Post Mortem Press has accepted my short story, “The Talent’s in the Bones,” for publication in its upcoming anthology, The Ghost IS the Machine, edited by Patrick Scalisi. The book will also feature a story from Bram Stoker Award winning and New York Times bestselling author Joe Hill.

As you can surmise from the title, The Ghost IS the Machine is about contraptions possessed by the supernatural. There’s going to be a strong steampunk streak running through it, although my story isn’t really steampunk. It’s more plain creepy, and maybe a little bloody. But it’s modern day (or close enough) without any mechanical computers or steam-powered cars. That’s okay, though, because after all, “a great story about a haunted machine transcends the calendar” (as the publisher itself says right there on its own page so you can’t argue with me).

Formed in Cincinnati, OH in late 2010 by Eric Beebe, the mission of Post Mortem Press is to bridge the gap between self-publishing and the big corporate publishing house, but that doesn’t mean they don’t publish big names. Aside from Joe Hill, Post Mortem has also published accomplished authors such as Jack Ketchum, Lucky McKee, Jonathan Maberry, Jessica McHugh, F. Paul Wilson, and Clive Barker. And pretty soon, me. Nice.

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