Three weeks from NO REST FOR THE WICKED #norestforthewicked #horror #anthology

On the official No Rest for the Wicked Facebook page, editor Stacey Graham estimates an arrival date of about April 29 for the upcoming anthology from Rainstorm Press, which features my short story, “The Gloaming Hour.”

So that means two things: 1.) prepare yourself for the arrival of the paperback and Kindle editions of No Rest for the Wicked in about three weeks, and B.) No Rest for the Wicked has a Facebook page. Not only does it give you the opportunity to follow the latest news about the anthology and contributors such as Jason Tudor, Jeffrey Long, and Gill Hoffs, but you even have a chance to win a free copy of the book.

Here’s the deal: If you have an object you think is haunted, post a video on the No Rest for the Wicked timeline to introduce the item and have a chance at winning a free copy of the book in May. It’s that simple!

The stories are compiled and editing has wrapped up. In a matter of weeks, you’ll have it in your hands: an anthology possessed of haunted objects so creepy, so skeevy, you’ll want to read it with the lights on. No Rest for the Wicked, coming soon from Rainstorm Press.

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