NO REST FOR THE WICKED table of contents #horror #anthology

No Rest for the Wicked (Rainstorm Press), featuring my short story, “The Gloaming Hour,”  is expected to drop at on April 29th. The joy of anthologies, however, is reading stories from authors you’ve never read before. The following is the table of contents, featuring morsels of horror served up by an array of underexposed talent:

  1. Stephanie’s Birthday by Jeffery Ryan Long
  2. Cold Comfort by Gill Hoffs
  3. Lost Soul by Wendy L. Schmidt
  4. The Lives that Magda Made by Jason Tudor
  5. The Haunting House by Peter Damien
  6. The Fruits of Labor by Caitlin Whitaker
  7. The Bird Jar by Liz Dolan
  8. The Gloaming Hour by Christian A. Larsen
  9. Double Fantasy by Lynn Mackenzie
  10. Necklace by Cynthia Witherspoon
  11. Unlocked by Jennifer Caddell
  12. Air Trackers by David Pointer
  13. Mirror Mirror by Jesse Petersen
  14. She Sells Seashells by Tammy Branom
  15. Tom Tom by Nicky Peacock
  16. Coulrophobia by Terri Coop
  17. Portrait with the Lazy Eye by Jay Sizemore
  18. Rod’s Little Blue Wagon by Andrea Allison
  19. A Face in the Clouds by Tammy Branom
  20. Sunshine Sisters Move Home by Nancy Cole Silverman
  21. Arkie Studebaker’s Very Bad Day by Stephen Barber
  22. Floater by David Pointer
  23. Bone Black by Michael Gray Baughan

“The Gloaming Hour,” is based on a piece of family lore in which my atheist great-great-grandfather told his family that if there was anything on the other side of death, he would be sure to let them know somehow. After he died, his cuckoo clock stopped working, and no one could figure out why, because there was nothing wrong with it. That family legend was the seed. I changed things around and horrified them up a bit. Read for yourself when No Rest for the Wicked is released later this month as a paperback and Kindle edition ebook.

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