Black Petals reviews WHAT FEARS BECOME

The current issue of Black Petals Magazine reviews What Fears Become, featuring my short story, “Bast,” which placed second in last year’s Preditors & Editors™ readers poll for best short horror fiction. A.M. Stickel writes:

The HORROR ZINE (under Jeani Rector’s editorship) has done it again, offering us another tentacle-woven tapestry of tales, WHAT FEARS BECOME. This is a must read for horror fans.

Among Simon Clark’s unique words, his masterful “A Small Matter of Life and Death” foreword bookends a veritable smorgasbord of scary. 31 new and known authors are featured in the collection, plus work by 9 artists and 18 poets. (Dennis Bagwell, Chris Hivner, Alec Kowalczyk, and Nathan Rowark may be poets familiar to BP’s readers.)

With plenty of weirdness to go around…

Read the rest of the review here.

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