Tales of the Talisman reviews WHAT FEARS BECOME

Shawn Oetzel reviews What Fears Become, including my short story, “Bast,” in the upcoming edition of Tales of the Talisman:

What Fears Become is the latest anthology from The Horror Zine. It is a mixed bag of short stories, poetry, and art all in the horror and dark fiction genres. Edited by Jeani Rector, What Fears Become features pieces from new and well-known writers including such vaunted authors as Piers Anthony.

What I liked about the anthologies The Horror Zine is publishing is they do not conform to simply one media for horror. The inclusion of poetry and art adds another dimension and gives readers a new outlet to get their horror fix. Ms. Rector has an eye for talent which shows with the pieces she includes in her anthologies and What Fears Become is another good example of this.

For me the hardest part about reviewing anthologies is subjectivity. What stories I like or dislike could be completely different from someone else. With that being said my favorite short fiction piece was…

Read the rest of the review in Tales of the Talisman — Volume 7, Issue 4, available here this spring.

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