Movie review: Swine

At a mere 43:45 (total running time), Swine could have been much longer. It has all the elements of an epic—which told in book form would have to be a novel—translating to a full-length feature film. What these filmmakers have created feels more like novella on film: a filmella.

I’m sure that he created a trio of shorts as told in three chapters for budgetary reasons, but a longer film could explore and sell the characters better. The music is well-written but performed frugally. The brevity and breakneck speed with which we move through this interesting and surprising concept of a story could make us miss things.

And we don’t want to miss anything, because there is more than one worthwhile surprise packed into this tight little package.

The opening crawl sets the table:

As the colonies of the Motherland increase in both scope and influence,
outlanders have but two choices.

Join the Colonial Legion or stand their ground.

Members of the resistance group known as Vox Populi have chosen the latter.

The writer, Daniel Levitch, does a fine job setting the table…

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