Blood Moon Rising Magazine reviews WHAT FEARS BECOME

Blood Moon Rising Magazine reviews What Fears Become: An Anthology from The Horror Zine, featuring my short story, “Bast,” in its “Bloody Book Reviews” section of issue #48.

WHAT FEARS BECOME, now available at

From the publishers of The Horror Zine comes their anthology of short stories poetry and artwork edited by Jeani Rector. Just from the front cover I had high hopes of this being a great collection and I was not disappointed.

There is a lot to like about these stories. One of my favorites was “A Bad Stretch of Road” by Dean H. Wild. It starts off normally enough where a man is driving home after a bad fight with his wife. Then he starts noticing things aren’t what they’re supposed to be and don’t look familiar. Drivers are acting erratically all around him and he sees strange things. Now he fears for his life and looks for any way to get off this highway to hell. The reason I like this is it starts quietly but one wrong turn and you, the reader, feel like you fell down the rabbit hole along with Alice. The writer really projects the feeling of hopelessness and insanity all at the same time.

Another story I enjoyed was…

Read the rest of the review here.

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