Read “Crybaby Bridge” in TALES FROM THE RIVER

Curl up with your Kindle and enjoy a good ghost story or two. Or more. Tales from the River (Vol. 1), featuring my short story, “Crybaby Bridge,” is now available from Dark River Press through

“Crybaby Bridge,” which I wrote as an exemplar for my American lit students when I was teaching, will join the work of some of horror’s finest new talents, like Trevor Denyer, Thomas James Brown, Brett A.P. Janes, K.A. Opperman, Marcus Tsong, Dawn Napier, and more.

Some of it is shocking. Some of it is quietly terrifying. Short stories, poetry, essays–all focusing on that which horrifies, all coming together in a stream of dark consciousness. Or a river. Pick up your copy of Tales from the River (Vol. 1) from Dark River Press today.

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