Another Sky Press to publish “Freestone” #scifi #horror #shortstory

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Alien Sky to feature "Freestone."

I’ve been notified that my short story, “Freestone,” has been accepted for the upcoming sci-fi print anthology from Another Sky Press, tentatively titled Alien Sky. The anticipated publication date is late 2012 to 2013–depending on the editorial process. Editor Justin Nicholes says that “[i]n essence, we won’t put out the anthology until the book is something to be proud of.”

“Freestone” is about a football player who is freakishly good at what he does, but doesn’t really enjoy it. When he finds out why, well, that’s when the trouble really begins.

Alien Sky will be available in paperback at,, and for a fixed price, or you’ll be able to order it directly from Another Sky Press for the production and shipping costs plus whatever you think its worth. The extra money is split among the contributors as part of what the editorial staff is calling ‘neo-patronage,’ a daring (and frankly, very cool) business model. You can read more about how they work it here.

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