Hyperpulp to translate “Short Circuit” into Portuguese

Read “Short Circuit” in issue #4, coming this September

Hyperpulp, a bilingual Brazilian magazine edited by Alexandre Mandarino, has accepted my short story, “Short Circuit,” for publication in issue #4 this September. The story will be published in its native American English, as well as Brazilian Portuguese, making “Short Circuit” the first story I’ve ever written that’s been translated into another language.

A triannual magazine of fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery, war and western, Hyperpulp has published a diversity of authors such as Liam Sharp, C. C. Finlay, Daniel Pearlman, Gustavo Bandoni, Carlos Orsi, Berit Ellingsen, Cat Rambo, Romeau Martins, and Hansi Linderoth. The commonality, according to Hyperpulp’s editorial statement: the text must be literary and demonstrate a concern with writing, not only with plot or characters. Anyway: literature as the goal, fantastic literature as the result. 

As with its previous issues, Hyperpulp #4 will be available in .pdf, .mobi, and .epub files, meaning you can read it on your computer, your Kindle, and your iPad, among other things, and the best part? There’s no charge. So this September, you can enjoy “Short Circuit” for free, and in the meantime, read the current and back issue of Hyperpulp here.

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