“Crybaby Bridge” available for free preview at Amazon.com

Read my short story, “Crybaby Bridge,” as part of the free ‘Look Inside’ preview of Tales from the River (Vol. 1) at Amazon.com. An ebook anthology from Dark River Press, Tales from the River (Vol. 1) features a horrific array of fiction, essays, and poetry. Here is a complete look at the table of contents:

Fiction and Essays

  • “Crybaby Bridge” by Christian A. Larsen (pg.3)
  • “Rape Whistle” by Brandon Ford (pg. 7)
  • “The Blessed” by Marcus Tsong (pg. 11)
  • “The Last Alarm” by Brett A.P. James (pg. 38)
  • “A Song for John” by W.P. Wilson (pg. 41)
  • “The Many Skulls Gañor Santos” by Fred McGavran (pg. 60)
  • “Stripped Down Blues” by Mike Baron (pg. 81)
  • “Fascination with Horror” by Alex McDermott (pg. 92)
  • “Ántizi” by Robbie Anderson (pg. 100)
  • “The Grey Folks” by Trevor Denyer (pg. 103)
  • “The Face in the Deep” by Stephen Joyce (pg. 108)
  • “Under the Ol’ Wheelbarrow” by K.A. Opperman (pg. 128)
  • “Memorial” by Thomas James Brown (pg. 138)
  • “The Heartstone” by Richard Farren Barber (pg. 142)
  • “Feminism and the Vampyr: When do Females Bite Back” by Dr. Alex Scully (pg. 147)
  • “Out of Reach” by Ashley Dioses (pg. 153)
  • “Blood Art” by Robert Stephenson (pg. 163)
  • “In the Library” by Dawn Napier (pg. 172)
  • “The Old Farm” by Jason Radak (pg. 176)


  • “Cobwebs” by Ashley Dioses (pg. 196)
  • “Amidst the Mist” by Ashley Dioses (pg. 197)
  • “Amstetten’s Monster May Die in Bed” by Anna Sykora (pg. 199)
  • “Dungeon Song” by Anna Sykora (pg. 199)
  • “Survival” by Anna Sykora (pg. 200)
  • “The Color of Its Lies” by Dann Dioses (pg. 200)
  • “Flowing Through My Veins” by Dann Dioses (pg. 201)
  • “A Daffodil” by Steven Mallow (pg. 201)
  • “Time” by Steven Mallow (pg. 202)
  • “A Poet (In Verse)” by Steven Mallow (pg. 202)
  • “Monastic Ruins” by Wade German (pg. 203)
  • “Ectoplasmia” by Wade German (pg. 204)
  • “The Farm” by Brian Rosenberger (pg. 205)
  • “Haunting Echoes” by Mary Brett (pg. 206)
  • “Waning Autumn Moon” by Mary Brett (Pg. 206)

After you read my story, buy Tales from the River (Vol. 1) for just $4.99 and read the rest. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, read all 206 Kindle pages at no charge whatsoever. Then, when you’re done reading, leave a review on the product page so the writers, editors, and publishers know what you want to see more of…

Read “Crybaby Bridge” with Amazon.com’s ‘Look Inside’ feature.

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