Crappy Reviews: A FEAST OF FRIGHTS is “money well-spent!”

Crappy Reviews critiques A FEAST OF FRIGHTS FROM THE HORROR ZINE, featuring my short story, “Clawed Sod.”

Crappy Reviews calls “Clawed Sod” a high point for A Feast of Frights.

HOLY CRAP! Who knew it was possible to cram so many great things betwixt two covers? Come on–34 stories, interviews, articles, amazing art and even some poetry from top names and some great newcomers. $16.99 for all that. You know you just can’t go wrong. (And only $4.99 for Kindle.)

There are so many high-points in this collection, from Lansdale, Gorman, Masterton, Piccirilli, Strand and McKinney from the top name category to Shaun Meeks, Christian A. Larsen, Eric Guignard, Christopher Nadeau and Stewart Horn from the newcomers. (Sorry if any of you have been around the block. This is the first time I’ve read anything by these names.)

I actually enjoyed everything in this anthology, which doesn’t happen often, so if any authors don’t see their names above it’s more the fact I’m too darn lazy to type it all out.

It’s easily one of the best anthologies so far this year and I hope there is another like this coming soon. Keep your eyes also on those newcomers. These people are going to give us plenty of frights in the years to come.

Recommended reading!

Buy A FEAST OF FRIGHTS FROM THE HORROR ZINE at in trade paperback or Kindle ebook formats and leave your own review.

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