THE HORROR ZINE shortlisted by the British Fantasy Society

The Horror Zine, publishers of A Feast of Frights, has been shortlisted by the BFS.

The British Fantasy Society has shortlisted The Horror Zine, publishers of A FEAST OF FRIGHTS, for its 2012 Magazine/Periodical of the Year Award. The nominees for all eight categories were determined by the 952 recommendations from BFS members and FantasyCon attendees and overseen by the British Fantasy Awards Jury.

The BFAward Judges, James Barclay, Hal Duncan, Maura McHugh, Esther Sherman, and Damien G. Walter, will now review the shortlist and determine the winners, to be announced at FantasyCon in Brighton, UK, on September 30.

A FEAST OF FRIGHTS (featuring “Clawed Sod”) is now available in trade paperback and Kindle ebook formats from

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