The Fright Site reviews WHAT FEARS BECOME

Fright Site writer Adam Groves reviews What Fears Become: WHAT FEARS BECOME is only surpassed by A FEAST OF FRIGHTS in Horror Zine library.

The third and thus far strongest anthology of stories, poetry and artwork culled from The Horror Zine. As with [And Now the Nightmare Begins and Twice the Terror], the contributors are a mixture of well known names and first timers. There’s also an admiring introduction by the renowned British horror scribe Simon Clark.

In the fiction selections animals are a favorite topic, as evinced by “Bast” by Christian A. Larsen and the jaw-dropping “Dogleg” by Bentley Little, about, respectively, a cat who steals the breath (and thus the life) of a grieving man’s grandmother, and a girl who loses a leg and has dog’s leg grafted onto its place. Of a similar hue is “Lost Things” by the fantasy novelist Piers Anthony, featuring telepathic guide dogs and cats.

I also got a kick out of…

Read the rest of the review here.

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