First reader review of TALES FROM THE RIVER at user Jamie posted a review of Tales from the River (Vol. 1) on Mother’s Day and gave it four out of five stars, calling it “true Gothic” and “a great read!”

“Crybaby Bridge” cited as a standout selection in Tales from the River (Vol. 1) from Dark River Press.

Positives: These are tales in the true Gothic sense of the word. There was very little violence, and many of the stories focused on a more subtle, powerful fear factor! I loved the non-fiction pieces as well. A few standouts: Robbie Anderson’s shapeshifter/Native American tale “Antizi,” Christian A. Larsen’s ghost tale “Crybaby Bridge,” Trevor Deyner’s zombie-like “The Grey Folks,” and Dawn Napier’s “In the Library” that made me see books in a very different way!

Negatives: I’m not much of a fan of poetry, and there was a lengthy section of it. One or two stories could have used some serious editing as they were far too long. They lost my attention due to length. Two were simply confusing and I had no idea what was going on!

Summary: Heavy on the good stuff… a great read! Pick this one up!

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