She Never Slept reviews WHAT FEARS BECOME

Heather Royston reviews WHAT FEARS BECOME, including my short story, “Bast,” for the sci-fi, strange tale, horror website, She Never Slept:

Heather Royston: “What Fears Become is absolutely the best anthology I have ever read.”

What Fears Become is a collection of stories, poetry, and art gathered from the archives of “The Horror Zine” web site. Being a horror fan, I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of it before. I vowed to check out the web site as soon as I was done with this review.

The book opens with an amazing foreword by Simon Clark, in which he weaves a story about the necessity of telling stories for survival. It’s a perfect beginning for a book like this. He goes on to describe exactly why The Horror Zine is amazing (which just increased my desire to check out the site) and why Jeani Rector is a genius. He also lists why some of the authors contained within are amazing and deserve a place in this book. After having read Mr. Clark’s intro, I have to say I’m in complete agreement. Here is something I haven’t said yet in a review: every story in this book is fantastic. I’m going to say it again for emphasis:

Every. Story. In. This. Book. Is. Fantastic.

I have yet to read (in my life, not just in a position as a reviewer) an anthology, whether it be by one author or many, that I loved each and every story contained within, but What Fears Become has knocked me for a loop. I wish I could go on about all of them but I will point out a few…

Read the rest of the review here.

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