Horrotica to re-release “Ethyl’s Alcohol” in upcoming anthology

Horrotica editor Terry D. Sheerer is preparing the magazine’s debut anthology, Crawl Space, which will include my short story, “Ethyl’s Alcohol.” Horrotica had previously published the story in volume #4, issue #4 of their magazine in June of last year, but it has been unavailable online for several months, so it gives me great pleasure to announce that it will be commercially available once again this fall in the upcoming book.

As the title suggests, Horrotica specializes in horror and erotica–a fairly edgy combination. Most of my work would not be a good fit for this publication, but “Ethyl’s Alcohol” is right in their wheelhouse. Imagine Alice Cooper’s “Cold Ethyl” without the comedic bent, and you’re starting to have an idea of what the story is about.

As always, I’ll keep you abreast with information as it becomes available.

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