West Pigeon Press antho to be titled FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS

My short story, “724,” was accepted by West Pigeon Press this winter for its upcoming horror/dark fantasy anthology, about which I just received a boatload of information. The title of the anthology has been announced as FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS. I am proud to share pages with writers such as B.V. Lawson, Samuel Minier, and C. Bryan Brown, among many others.

In addition to the title, the cover image has also been revealed. The publisher used the same cover artist who designed J.R. Hamantaschen’s YOU SHALL NEVER KNOW SECURITY, which I also loved, (though it certainly didn’t hurt that the first time I saw it, it was in the hands of a gorgeous topless woman…) Anyway, here’s the cover of the book in which “724” will appear:

The cover is done, the copy editing is complete, and the introductory material has also been written. Most of what’s left is formatting for paperback and Kindle, so the publisher is still aiming for a summer release. As always, I’ll keep you posted…

One Response to “West Pigeon Press antho to be titled FOR WHEN THE VEIL DROPS”

  1. Looking forward to “724.” You’ll find my story “A Coat That Fell” in the TOC as well. Cheers!

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