Ink Babes Press releases BLEEDING INK

Read my short story, “Club 27” in the freshly-released ebook anthology from Ink Babes Press, BLEEDING INK, available now at

My story, “Club 27,” deals with the concept that so many artists, from Robert Johnson to Amy Winehouse (in addition to a number of performance and visual artists) have died at the age of 27. It is not so much an explanation of the phenomena as it is an exploration.

In BLEEDING INK, editors Lisa Forget, Patricia Hollett and Tammy Crosby have compiled 60 stories from nearly 40 authors, (not to mention poetry) all touching on the paranormal, the supernatural, the dark and the twisted in one way or another.

Here’s the bloody breakdown:

  1. The Night Belongs to Me — by Krista Walsh
  2. Dead Alien — by Jack Horne
  3. A Vain Bit of Beauty — by Ron Koppelberger
  4. The Three Steps — by Anna Sykora
  5. Crimson And Black — by April Avalon
  6. Blood Harvest — by Patricia Hollett
  7. Buried Secrets — by DewRina Lee
  8. The Beast Howls In Your Veins – By Alejandra Taylor
  9. The Pool Party – By Tammy Crosby
  10. The Evil Eye — by Ron Koppelberger
  11. Watcher — by Corinne Lambert Murphy
  12. You Know Your Writer’s Soul Cannot Resist — by Lisa Forget
  13. Hangman’s Woods — by Colin F. Barnes
  14. Her Familiar — by Anna Sykora
  15. Last Call — by Phil Temples
  16. Black Morsels — by Suzanne Sykora
  17. The Heart – By Lizzie Shelley
  18. Green With Envy — by Lisa Forget
  19. The Balance — by Frank A. Scurry
  20. I Am A — by Sally A. Wolf
  21. Forever My Valentine — by Patricia Hollett
  22. You Are Not My Child — by Madeline Barr
  23. Something Into Nothing — by Rick McQuiston
  24. The Hunger Baby — by Devon Carey
  25. A Cat in Hell’s Chance — by Nathan J.D.L Rowark
  26. For the Love of Grace — by Lisa Forget
  27. Trestlewood Estates — by Ward Webb
  28. The Reasons Why — by Patricia Hollett
  29. Enter 2012 — by Tammy Crosby
  30. For a Bit of Good Luck — by Philip Roberts
  31. Friday’s Child is Doomed to Misfortune — by Lisa Forget
  32. Bad Baby — by Nicky Peacock
  33. Demon Retired — by John Grey
  34. Little Miss Sanguine — by HORNS
  35. Spells Worms and Fishing Gloves — by Patricia Hollett
  36. First Meal — by Gary Hewitt
  37. Home Among Gossamer Stars — by A. J. Huffman
  38. Initiation — by Lisa Forget
  39. Control Room Agenda Denied — by David S. Pointer
  40. Rob Pernell’s Tale — by Robert Lee Frazier
  41. Scraps — by Tammy Crosby
  42. Through the Eyes of Him — by Christian Riley
  43. Drizzle (a Haiku) — by Martin Cohen
  44. Retention — by Jason Heitkamper
  45. They Bleed Ink — by Patricia Hollett
  46. Demon In His Soul — by David Perlmutter
  47. Old Man Winter — by Lisa Forget
  48. By Full Moon’s Light — by J.A. Campbell
  49. The Devil’s Daughter — by Sally A. Wolf
  50. Blood and Ecstasy — by Lisa Forget
  51. Deal With The Devil — by Maxwell Zwain
  52. Deliciously Dark Christmas — by Patricia Hollett
  53. A Perfect Match — by Michael C. Keith
  54. Next-of-Kin — by Lisa Forget
  55. Scratch — by Jay Faulkner
  56. Club 27 — by Christian A. Larsen
  57. The Lake — by Patricia Hollett
  58. The Cat’s Meow — by Tammy Crosby
  59. Roses for the Devil — by J.A. Campbell
  60. Your Bodies Lie Over the Ocean — by Gareth Wilson

3 Responses to “Ink Babes Press releases BLEEDING INK”

  1. Christian… love it! Thanks for sharing this and for your fantastic story that is a wonderful part of the anthology! A very creative idea from a very talented author…keep writing! Hope the dark muses continue to inspire you.

  2. Great site Christian! Thank you for your wonderful blog about the release of Bleeding Ink, and the detail you included. Big thanks for letting us include your fantastic story, Club 27, which we thought fit perfectly with the theme of the anthology. Keep writing, and may the dark muses continue to inspire you!

  3. Club 27 was a fun ride, great story! Thank you so much for supporting Bleeding Ink! 🙂

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