NO REST FOR THE WICKED now available in paperback

NO REST FOR THE WICKED, featuring my short story, “The Gloaming Hour,” is now available in paperback from Rainstorm Press via The anthology is a themed collection of chilling stories about objects discovered, passed down, and encountered that haven’t quite been let go by their previous owners.

Here is the product description:

Now available at

Some things are better left forgotten. Hidden away in drawers or locked in closets where memories can’t escape and torture the living yet some do. Some…escape.

Haunted objects tease the mind with dark thoughts, exposing the residue of a life imprinted on itself and now in the hands of another.

No Rest for the Wicked tells the stories of these possessed possessions and cautions the reader to think twice before pulling out their wallet for a great deal on an old crib.

Rainstorm Press has also published NO REST FOR THE WICKED as a Kindle ebook, so no matter how you read, pick up a copy today before you hit that neighborhood garage sale. It might save your life.

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