She Never Slept: A FEAST OF FRIGHTS is “brilliant and terrifying”

Heather Royston reviews A FEAST OF FRIGHTS FROM THE HORROR ZINE for She Never Slept, calling the anthology (which includes my contribution, “Clawed Sod”) both “brilliant and terrifying.”

5 out of 5 tentacles for A FEAST OF FRIGHTS

After having read (and loved) The Horror Zine’s previous collection What Fears Become, I was incredibly excited to get my paws on their new book, A Feast Of Frights. From the moment I saw the amazing cover art I was sure that this was going to be another marvelous collection.

A Feast of Frights begins with a foreword from Ramsey Campbell, which both amped me up and scared me. He had written a masterful review of the book himself and I frankly had no idea then (nor do I now) have any idea how to match him. I humbly acknowledge that I can’t, but I will try to convey my feelings on the subject as best I can.

The book is structured much like its predecessor, stories first then poetry with the art intermingling through the pages, with “The Editors Corner” as the finale. New to this collection was a series of interviews and articles by people from the various industries that embrace the love of terror.

Before reviewing any of the pieces individually, I would like to touch on…

Read the rest of the review here

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