Dark Discoveries reviews WHAT FEARS BECOME and A FEAST OF FRIGHTS

Cyrus Wraith Walker reviews two Horror Zine anthologies featuring my short fiction for Dark Discoveries Magazine. WHAT FEARS BECOME includes “Bast,” and A FEAST OF FRIGHTS offers “Clawed Sod.”

Cyrus Wraith Walker: A Feast of Frights is “an eclectic compilation of dark writings from some of the most talented authors the genre has to offer.”

What Fears Become: An Anthology from The Horror Zine was the first book in editor Jeani Rector’s new series and what Bentley Little called in his blurb, “the future of horror”. I agree. A lot of people I think are familiar with The Horror Zine, the publication that serves dark fiction online. When she released the first physical book anthology as a springboard from the site (loaded with celebrated and newer authors, poetry, and art in 2011), it was obvious THZ had evolved. And now this looks as if it may become a delightfully dark habit for Jeani, because now she is releasing a new anthology. A Feast of Frights from The Horror Zine is just out, officially the first publication under The Horror Zine imprint.

I am taken with these anthologies. The stories do not lack in quality. They have meat to serve, and I am a meat lover. What Fears Become whets our appetite with a forward by Simon Clark (“The Night of the Triffids”) – who reminds us of “the gift” of story. This is followed by Christian A. Larsen’s “Bast,” which will start you waiting for death and then wishing it would happen…

To visit Dark Discoveries Magazine, click here.

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