“Mirror Moments” to appear in CHIRAL MAD

Chiral Mad to feature “Mirror Moments.”

Written Backwards has accepted my short story, “Mirror Moments,” for publication in CHIRAL MAD, an anthology of psychological horror tentatively scheduled for release in November of 2012. All profits will go directly to Down’s syndrome charities.

CHIRAL MAD will contain more than twenty short stories by authors such as Jack Ketchum, Gord Rollo, Erik T. Johnson, Gary McMahon, Pat R. Steiner, Aaron J. French, A.A. Garrison, Gene O’Neill, John Palisano, Gary Braunbeck and others.

What is chirality? Look at your left hand; look at your right hand; now put them together… that’s chirality. What will you find in CHIRAL MAD? Fiction that disturbs the nonlinear fabric(s) of reality. Mindbenders that could not only be classified as horror, but as psychological horror with chirality in mind.

When I wrote “Mirror Moments,” I drew on my experiences working at my grandpa’s print shop on Diversey and Long in Chicago during summers when I was a tween. My brother and I used to punch tags and sweep up when we weren’t goofing around, and nearly all of the story is autobiographical. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which parts I made up out of whole cloth.

CHIRAL MAD, edited by Michael Bailey, is tentatively scheduled for debut at AnthoCon 2012.

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