Updated cover for CHIRAL MAD

Written Backwards, publisher of the upcoming psychological horror anthology, CHIRAL MAD, has released an updated cover to include all the featured authors, and there I am on the bottom of the front cover, right next to Jeff Strand.


Here’s a more complete table of contents:

  1. White Pills – Ian Shoebridge
  2. Lost in a Field of Paper Flowers – Gord Rollo
  3. The Perfection of Symmetry – Andrew Hook
  4. Some Pictures in an Album – Gary McMahon
  5. Five Adjectives – Monica J. O’Rourke
  6. Enchanted Combustion – Amanda Ottino
  7. There are Embers – Chris Hertz
  8. Brighter Her Aura Grows – David Hearn
  9. Underwater – Barry Jay Kaplan
  10. Inevitable – Meghan Arcuri
  11. Experiments in an Isolation Tank – Eric J. Guignard
  12. Need – Gary Braunbeck
  13. Not the Child – Julie Stipes
  14. The White Quetzal – Gene O’Neill
  15. Send Your End – Patrick Lacey
  16. Mirror Moments – Christian A. Larsen
  17. Alderway – Patrick O’Neill
  18. Sigil – P. Gardner Goldsmith
  19. The Persistence of Vision – Jon Michael Kelley
  20. The Bad Season – Aaron J. French
  21. Storm of Lightning – Aaron J. French
  22. Cubicle Farm – R.B. Payne
  23. A Flawed Fantasy – Jeff Strand
  24. The Apologies – Gord Rollo
  25. The Shoe Tree – Pat R. Steiner
  26. Gaia Ungaia – John Palisano
  27. Amid the Walking Wounded – Jack Ketchum
  28. Underwater Ferris Wheel – Michael Bailey

CHIRAL MAD will be released at Anthology 2012, November 9th-11th in Portsmouth, NH, and some of the authors will be on hand to sign. If you’re planning on attending, be sure to get there early. The first 50 to check in will receive a donated, complimentary copy.

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