Indigo Mosaic to publish “Doppel-Änger”

“Doppel-Änger” to appear with the work of Marcel Admiraal (pictured), Linda Adams, and Damien Keith.

My story, “Doppel-Änger,” has been accepted by Indigo Mosiac Publishing for its upcoming anthology, THE DARKNESS WITHIN, which will be available as a perfect-bound paperback later this year.

In THE DARKNESS WITHIN, you’ll find stories set in many times and places, with darkness found almost anywhere and any way you can imagine. It could be the darkness inside a mind, or inside a ping-pong ball; within a universe or within an atom.

Have you ever been so angry, so frustrated with impotent rage, that you felt like you might just split in half? Or (maybe) worse, split someone else in half? “Doppel-Änger” explores the bitter end of runaway rage.

My story will be anthologized along with the works of many talented writers, including Marcel Admiraal, author of the short story collection BENEATH DARK WATERS, Linda Adams, author of “Sand Dollar Wishes,” and Damien Keith, author of the novel SHADOW OF THE CITY.

Publication details, including a more complete list of contributing authors, will be published in this space in the coming weeks.

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