Updated book trailer for CHIRAL MAD

Presenting the “official” high-definition book trailer for CHIRAL MAD, coming this fall from Written Backwards. The updated trailer features new music from editor Michael Bailey and an updated line-up, including Gord Rollo, Gary McMahon, Monica O’Rourke, Barry Jay Kaplan, Eric J. Guignard, Gary A. Braunbeck, Gene O’Neill, and many others.

Each story in the anthology, including my own, “Mirror Moments,” features some element of chirality. Something is chiral if it is not identical to its mirror image–if it can’t be superimposed on it, like, say, your hands, for instance. CHIRAL MAD will be about more than hands, though. Think about chirality in the abstract, and you open up all kinds of possibilities, which is what makes it such a great theme for a psychological horror anthology.

CHIRAL MAD to feature “Mirror Moments.”

Written Backwards will officially release CHIRAL MAD at Anthology 2012 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire the weekend of November 9th-11th. All profit from sales of this anthology will go directly to Down’s syndrome charities.

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